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Fun Holiday Fitness

Heading off on your hols doesn’t have to mean overindulgence and undoing all the good work you did to get your beach body in the first place. Holidays are the perfect time to try some new, fun fitness ideas that will have you feeling fabulous in your bikini and returning with a body that’s more toned as well as tanned.

Here are some fun holiday fitness ideas that will boost your calorie burn and help you to lose fat fast [...]

Calorie Burner Exercises

Shaping up for Summer doesn’t have to be a gruelling act of strain, deprivation and misery.With Caroline’s expert ideas, creating your bikini ready body is easy and fun. Now where’s the beach? [...]

Total Body Toning Workout

The Total Body Toning Workout is short and intense and designed to make you lean and shape your entire body! [...]

Exercise for Immunity

You know that exercise gives you energy, confidence and a fantastic body, but did you know that all the effort you exert in the gym can do more than help you blast fat – it can also help to fight off bacteria and infection? [...]

Shake up and Shape up with some Good Vibrations!

If you’re new to the workout world then you may be wondering what vibrations have to do with working out. Well, whether you’re just embarking on your exercise routine for the New Year or you’re a seasoned fitness fanatic, I’d like to introduce you to, or remind you of, the wonders of Power Plate [...]

New Year Fitness Resolutions

Have you made a New Year resolution to get fit, eat healthily and lose weight? Have you already started worrying about how long you will stick to it this year? If this sounds familiar and you’re fed up with making promises to yourself you just can’t keep then it’s time to take a fresh approach to your fitness and try new exercises, activities and protocols that are sure to get results, provide inspiration and be time efficient so you are still making progress by the end of the year. [...]

Exercise Lingo Uncovered

Do your trainer or gym buddies sometimes sound like they’re speaking another language, or communicating in code?

There are a number of technical terms used in the gym, especially around the weight training area.

Get savvy with these common need-to-know gym terms to boost your confidence, max your workout and improve your understanding in the gym. [...]

Number 1 Shape Up Tip…

Many people, women especially, have this preconceived idea that lifting weights will create a sudden ‘bulking’ of the muscles and you’ll walk out of the gym looking like Schwarzenegger!

This is the biggest myth in the industry and as an athlete and trainer I can tell you that it is incredibly difficult as a woman to hypertrophy, that’s to grow, your muscles significantly. [...]

Stretch for a Longer, Leaner, Healthier Body

When you hit the gym, or do a home workout the chances are you want to get straight into the ‘meaty’ part of your routine, the part that burns maximum calories, and so you start pedalling, striding or lifting no sooner than you’ve tied your laces!

This is all well and good and I admit to doing this myself when I’m short of time to fit in some dedicated exercise and am keen to shift some extra pounds. But taking some time to do some mobility preparation with stretches pre-workout and again post-workout will see you benefit in the long term. [...]

Interval Training – Part 2

If, like me, your joints tend to suffer when you run, then cycling is an effective non-impact modality that will get your legs in tip-top condition!

But I’m not talking about sitting on a bike ergometer machine whilst reading a magazine or staring aimlessly at the TV, I’m talking about interval training again, where there’s no time to contemplate anything other than your workout. [...]

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