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Want to Lose Weight? Avoid Sugar!

Most of us know we should reduce the sugar in our diet for both good health and weight loss. However, despite this knowledge, many of us are still consuming some form of sugar on a daily basis. Identifying the sugar in your diet and the effect it has on your body is the first step to eliminating it. ‘Sugar’ is a broad category and a misleading one [...]

Fat Facts for Losing Weight

I’ve said this many times before but fat is not the enemy when it comes to losing weight. In fact, fats and oils are essential to optimal health and wellbeing as they are important building blocks for the cells of your body. It is the type and quantity of fats and oils you consume that determine whether you will indeed become fat! I want to explain some ‘Fat Facts’ so you can make good choices as part of your healthy eating plan, getting the health benefits without experiencing an expanding waistline! [...]

Eat Your Way to Immunity

Munching away on the right foods could help you to protect your system from all the bugs that winter throws at you. Include these in your diet to keep you healthy all season. [...]

The Buzz about Coffee

Today’s society is overly caffeinated and with your favourite coffee shop on every street corner it is easy to pop in for your quick fix! A coffee stop can be a social event (blame the TV show ‘Friends’ for making it fashionable), a haven from the office and a place to recharge your batteries. But despite its ‘pick me up benefits’ what else do you really know about coffee and how carefully are you monitoring your intake? [...]

Can Calcium and Vitamin D Help Weight Loss?

Most of us are aware that calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth. You might also be aware that Vitamin D is essential for promoting calcium absorption, making the two together a perfect pairing.

However, you may be interested to learn that this pair may also help you lose weight, or at least prevent you gaining weight over the long term! [...]

Fish Oil + Exercise for Maximal Fat Burning

Fish is quite simply one of the best foods you can eat. It has a combination of quality protein and healthy fat that cannot be found in any other food on Earth.

If though, like me, you’re not a big fan of the taste or smell, then you can still reap the benefits in the form of fish oil supplements. [...]

Supplement Savvy

Eating a healthy diet is the most recommended way to ensure your body is receiving all the vital vitamins and minerals it needs to function efficiently and remain healthy. However, busy days, limited food options, heavy exercise, an abundance of processed foods and a deterioration in the nutritional value of today’s fruits, vegetables and grains due to overfarming, mean that supplementation has become more and more important. [...]

Food and your Mood

Most of us know that food can have a powerful influence on how we feel. You may have felt that initial feeling of pleasure when you bite into some luxury chocolate or cookie, only for it to be followed by feelings of guilt and anguish. Or maybe you’ve felt an afternoon ‘slump’ after a sumptuous lunch. [...]

Eat for your Health – Top 10 Tips

Enhance your weight loss plan by including our Top 10 foods for optimal health and disease prevention. 1 Green Tea Extract This has been found to improve blood sugar control which is vitally important in a society where blood sugar problems such as insulin resistance, diabetes and often obesity are an epidemic. Green tea extract […]

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