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Think Yourself Well

So the winter season is fully upon us and already it seems that everyone has a cold, has just had a cold or is worried about getting a cold. So what can you do, not just to beat those winter snivels, but to stay in great health all through the season? [...]

Setting New Standards – Goal Set and Go Get

Fancy setting some really life-enhancing goals that will really improve your health, well-being and overall quality of life… and then give up and go back to your old habits in a few weeks’ time?! No?! Ok how can we make sure that that doesn’t happen this time around? [...]

Your Best Workout Anytime, Every Time

How often has the time for your workout come round again, and all of a sudden your enthusiasm plummets, and all you can think about are excuses to get you out of it? And even if you do drag yourself to the gym, your session sucks because you’re just not in the mood and you only give a half hearted attempt. [...]

Why Am I So Fat?

Your brain is very good at answering questions. If you ask a question repeatedly, your brain will come up with answers. And if it doesn’t immediately know the answer to the question, it will get creative and come up with possible answers. The trouble is, most of us repeatedly ask stupid questions. [...]

The Carrot and the Stick

Everyone is motivated by both pain and pleasure. Obviously we want to avoid pain and we want more pleasure. So why is it that humans make so many bad decisions? Why do people put off that work assignment? Why do people smoke or take drugs? Why do people eat compulsively? Why do people keep putting off exercise? They know what the best choices are. They know what they should do, they just don’t do it! Why? [...]

Raise Your Standards

Have you struggled to lose weight? Have you found that you’re able to make some small changes here and there but that you never seem to make that dramatic improvement? In that case you need to raise your standards! Specifically you need to raise your standards in terms of what you expect from yourself on a daily basis. [...]

Is Your Mind Making You Fat?

The fundamental tools used for fat loss are nutrition and exercise. If you still think there may be an alternative, perhaps something a little easier, perhaps a shortcut or two, then come back and join the rest of us after you’ve wasted enough money and had enough failure to convince you. Ok, enough said, rant over! [...]

Don’t Get Fat!

Don’t think of a black cat. What did you just think of? A black cat of course! You see in order to make sense of that sentence your brain has to figure out what each of the individual words means, what it looks like, what it feels like and so on, before it can try not to think about it. [...]

Believe You Can

You’ve heard all the clichés about faith and belief before. “If you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right!” Sometimes a good concept can become mindlessly repeated so many times that it loses its meaning. But the fact remains; your success or failure in weight loss depends entirely on what you unconsciously believe or expect to happen. [...]

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