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The Worrying Effects of an Acid Producing Diet on your Health…and Waistline!

While most of us focus on the calories and fat we are consuming in pursuit of weight loss and health, most are completely oblivious to the effects of an acidic diet on not only health but on our body weight. [...]

Weight Loss Motivation Boosters

The beginning of your weight loss journey is when your motivation is at its peak. You’ve reached threshold and have decided now is the time to do something about your body and health. But research shows that most people start to lose motivation after 3-4 weeks which is typically when your body has adapted to the initial change in your routine and needs some variety to keep you moving in the right direction. [...]

Calorie Restriction = Weight Gain

Most people have tried some diet or another, most likely involving the restriction of calories, yet they are still gaining weight! Quite simply, severe calorie restriction does not work if you want to permanently lose weight! [...]

Eight Recommended Snacks for Weight Loss Success

Snacking is not a weakness or cheating when it comes to losing weight. In fact it is quite the opposite as regular snacking keeps your metabolism high, satisfies your cravings and provides valuable between meal fuel to support your daily activities. At justSlim we recommend 3 snacks, spaced evenly between your main meals that will leave you energised and satisfied.

Here are 8 our favourite healthy snack ideas that are low in fat and will help you reach your weight loss goals [...]

Is Stress Making you Fat?

It’s not just a poor diet and lack of exercise that piles on the pounds, stress of any kind can be an equal contributor and one less documented and understood. Read on to find out exactly how stress affects your waistline and how you can fight against it. [...]

Pre-Menstrual Munchies!

Pre-menstrual munchies, cravings, yearnings, whatever you call them, most women tend to overeat in the week leading up to their period. And they excuse their behaviour by claiming ‘it’s because I’m on my period’. Does this sound familiar? There’s actually a logical reason why you crave these monthly munchies but it doesn’t mean you have to give in to them. You CAN banish the pre-menstrual munchies and continue to lose weight effectively. [...]

Banish Diet Saboteurs to Lose Weight Effectively

Losing weight is an uplifting feeling. You see your body change shape, feel more energised and fit into the clothes you always wanted with the confidence you previously only dreamed of. So why are there people in your life trying to sabotage your efforts? [...]

Diet and Exercise Myths BUSTED!

You’ve read so many diet, exercise and weight loss tips, tricks and methods that promise to shape you up and trim you down in a matter of moments, but have you ever stopped to question some of the advice you read? [...]

Top 10 Tips To Avoid Social Weight Gain

How do you possibly stick to your weight loss plans when trying to live your life, socialise and have a bit of fun? I hear this all the time from clients, friends and colleagues who are dedicated and enthusiastic for the first few weeks after deciding they want to lose weight and then life just ‘gets in the way’ and throws them off track. Read my Top 10 tips on how to avoid social weight gain […]

Myths that Cause Winter Weight Gain

The winter months notoriously lead to weight gain in many of us and this is often associated with complacency and the excuses we make when it comes to our food choices and motivations to exercise. Furthermore, there are a number of myths that only serve to be even more detrimental to our waistlines. Here are 5 common myths that can lead to winter weight gain. [...]

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