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You will receive these unique tools to make your weight loss journey a breeze

  • A Daily Menu – perfected for your individual requirements
  • Food Heaven and Food Hell – lets you choose only the foods that you love
  • Quick Swap tool – to allow you to change any meal in an instant
  • Shuffle – a whole new menu at the touch of a button
  • Menu Tuner – gives you control over your menu
  • Shopping List Generator – one click and you have your shopping list complete in every detail
  • Honesty Booth – to get you back on track if you over indulge
  • Your Daily Diary – to share your thoughts and experiences
  • Motivational Messages – to ensure your success
  • BMI and Ideal Weight Calculators – to provide accurate information
  • Target Tracker – to let you see how far you’ve come

And you will also get:

  • Your plan delivered to your mobile or your email daily
  • Your Progress in Pictures
  • 100s of tasty recipes to choose from
  • Daily motivational messages and much, much more

Plus bonus resources

  • Access to the justSlim community where you will receive support from our experts and from other members just like you to guide you every step of the way
  • Our knowledge base of articles on nutrition, fitness, weight loss and the mind
  • Exclusive member only offers

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