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Tailor made weight loss plan for YOU

Your plan will provide an exact meal plan for YOU, based on YOUR personal profile of likes and dislikes, special food requirements, activity levels, body statistics and weight loss and body measurement goals.

No Thinking Required

No thinking, no worrying, no counting calories or points or having to make difficult decisions – justSlim tells you exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it. Simple!

You Change, Your Plan Changes with You

justSlim’s sophisticated Dynamic Nutrition Technology will adjust your plan to match any changes you make in weight, activity level and lifestyle as well as changes to your food likes and dislikes. So, justSlim deals with your data in real time providing an accurate, dynamic plan which changes with you, so you reach your goals efficiently.

Compensations for Over-Indulgence

Don’t despair if you go ‘off plan’ and have a bad eating day. Visit the Honesty Booth and justSlim will automatically adjust your plan over the next few days to compensate for your excess calories and to make sure you still meet your weight loss target for the week.

Guilt Free Treat Meals

Your favourite foods are not forbidden! On your justSlim plan you are prescribed one treat meal a week where you can indulge in your favourite food knowing that it will not jeopardise your efforts. How? Because justSlim has cleverly taken care of the maths and seamlessly adapted your calories to account for your treat.

No More Hunger

You’ll never feel hungry on your justSlim plan as it requires you eat 6 times per day. This ensures your blood glucose levels do not drop which is essentially what causes cravings for sugary foods.

Food for Fuel

By eating the right foods, with the best macronutrient combination for YOU, at the right time, you will feel energised, focused and ready to take on any task! No more lack of concentration or dizzy spells from following severely restrictive diets or fad regimes!

Simple, Tasty Recipes

No fuss recipes with simple ingredients, simple rules and little cooking and preparation time required. Just the good stuff with justSlim!

Recipe and Snack Swaps

If you don’t fancy the meal choice prescribed for you at any time, don’t worry as you can choose to replace it for another recipe which will be tailored to your energy requirements to ensure you meet your daily target with the foods you choose to eat.

Variety and Change when You want It

If after a few weeks on your justSlim plan you fancy trying a variation of recipes and snacks then choose to ‘shuffle’ your plan and justSlim will provide a new 7 day plan that meets your needs. Eating a variety of healthy foods is the key to sticking to your plan. However, if you’re a creature of habit then feel free to continue on the same plan!

Your Recipes Fit for the Whole Family

You won’t feel isolated and alone with justSlim. Your recipes can all be auto adapted to provide enough for the whole family if you wish to eat together. Just enter the number of people who wish to share your dish.

Special Dietary Requirements Covered

If you have a dairy or wheat intolerance, are vegetarian or have a nut allergy, your plan will be designed to eliminate the unsuitable recipes and ingredients and provide you with tasty alternatives.

Automatic Shopping List Generator

justSlim will create a shopping list for you to ensure you do not forget any of the ingredients needed for you to follow your plan.

Easy Access to Your Plan

You can access your personal plan at any time by going online and simply signing in to your account with your personal username and password.

Daily Hello from justSlim

Every morning you will receive to your in box a complete summary of your plan for the day, details of your progress and tailored motivational advice to help you get the most from your justSlim plan.

Keep Your Plan in Your Pocket

Save your plan to file so you can access it at any time. Email it to an account you regularly check through the day. Or print out your diet plan for any number of days to ensure you’re never without the guidance you need to achieve the results you deserve.

FREE Updates at any Time

You can update your profile at any time and your plan will automatically update and adjust its parameters to ensure you continue to reach your ideal weight.

Progress Tracker

When you log in to your justSlim account you will see a graphic representation of your progress, for any chosen target measure (weight, body fat, body measurements) and be motivated by how close you’re moving towards your target. You can even upload your photos to visually see your body changing shape.

Learn whilst You Burn

As you begin to see your body taking shape and shedding pounds you’ll have adjusted and adapted to a way of eating that is simple, satisfying and informative. justSlim will provide you with the macronutrient breakdown for each day should you wish to understand more about your diet. With justSlim, losing weight is easy, enjoyable and educational.

Motivation, Support and Guidance

Your justSlim plan is your personal nutritionist, advisor and motivator. It will send you alerts within your plan account or by email to your computer or mobile phone to encourage you to update your profile, to let you know how you are progressing towards your goal and to provide motivational tips and advice.

You will also have membership of the justSlim community where you will receive 24/7 support from the justSlim team as well as from lots of other members on the same weight loss journey who understand and are there for you.

The benefits add up to justSlim being your personal nutritionist, advisor and motivator. Everything you need to lose weight and keep it off, for good.

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