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Personalised weight loss plan created for YOU, based on assessment of YOUR body statistics, goals, activity level and food likes and dislikes. The same plan for everybody!
The experts do the calculations and decision making for you.  Precise prescription of what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat based on your personal assessment and goals. No thinking, no worrying, no difficult choices to make and no calorie counting! Require you to count calories, add points, follow green days or pink days or have to make calculations yourself. Often bombard you with food choices, cooking methods and decisions to make.
A plan that changes with you. As your weight changes and lifestyle adapts, justSlim automatically adapts with you, in real time, adjusting your diet to keep you on track.Once you reach your goal, justSlim ensures you keep the weight off for good through a maintenance program. One fixed plan that is database driven and uses a ‘best fit’ model that does not change and compensate for you. Your diet therefore becomes less effective as you move through the stages of weight loss, making a plateau inevitable and chance of weight gain high.
Safe rate of weight loss with a plan that is realistic and achievable. justSlim guarantees your diet will provide all the nutrients you need to stay healthy and energised as you lose weight. Fad diets that promise ultra fast weight loss that cannot be sustained, using methods that eliminate vital nutrients, compromising your health and leading to yo-yo weight changes that affect your metabolism and long term success.
‘Real’ food that is readily available and in the form nature intended it. Avoidance of ‘diet’ foods, chemicals and artificial ingredients that ‘trick’ and confuse your body, resulting in weight gain. Your justSlim eating plan ensures your body is reprogrammed to enjoy and want ‘real’ food that ensures lasting weight loss. Often require you to buy specific foods from a specific diet company costing a lot of money and which are often full of artificial sweeteners and chemicals. Low fat brownies for breakfast and other ‘tempting’ substitutes for good nutrition do not encourage proper healthy eating or lead to lasting weight loss success.
Balanced nutrition in every meal. No food group is eliminated. justSlim is not carbohydrate phobic or fat eliminating. These macronutrients are instead carefully selected and timed for scientifically proven weight loss success. Often eliminate major food groups, such as carbohydrate or fats, compromising your health and making sticking to the plan unattainable and difficult.
Ongoing support. justSlim sends you personal alerts to encourage and motivate you and to provide feedback on your progress. Your support will be delivered in the most convenient way for you – via your justSlim account or via email to your computer or mobile phone. Little or no real, direct, reactive  or personal assistance.
Education on diet and nutrition. A full food database is provided for your reference and for making food replacements when you need to and your total daily macronutrient breakdown is provided to keep you informed. You will also have access to exclusive articles providing exercise guidance and tips, coaching for the mind and weight loss extra information to complement your weight loss eating plan. Little or no dietary education.
An online plan you can access anytime, anyplace, making it easy and practical to fit into your busy lifestyle. Whether at home, in the office or on the go you can check your plan, create your shopping list or replace meals to fit with your plans. Recipe books to sift through, diet guidelines and rules to understand, meetings to attend to receive your program and guidance.Less  convenient and less suited to today’s lifestyle.
Ongoing profile assessment and plan changes to meet your needs with NO EXTRA COST. With justSlim you simply update your statistics when it suits you and request a diet change when you fancy it. A one-off assessment with additional costs for new assessments, a new diet or an updated program.

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