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Your justSlim plan is based on a healthy, balanced eating approach to weight loss. There are no ‘fad’ diet methods, no gimmicks and no unrealistic ‘quick fix’ promises with justSlim. It employs scientific principles proven to achieve weight loss in a controlled, safe, sustainable way.

justSlim provides energy and satisfaction and eliminates cravings. Weight loss guaranteed.

The justSlim plan is based on the following principles and philosophy:

Individual Assessment

The first step of your weight loss journey with justSlim is to complete your personal profile assessment. Your personal weight loss program is determined by this assessment. justSlim will record your body statistics, level of activity and energy expenditure, your goals, intolerances, likes and dislikes and lifestyle factors to provide a plan that works for YOU and your needs.

Calorie Deficit for Weight Loss

Your justSlim plan will ensure you have a calorie deficit each day, putting you in a negative energy balance and therefore on a weight loss trend. The percentage deficit will ensure a safe but effective rate of weight loss. Once you have reached your weight loss goal, your calorie intake will adjust to match your expenditure to ensure you stay on track and keep your ideal body.

Zig Zag Method

Your justSlim diet is based on a zig zag method. This means your calorie intake is periodically increased to match your expenditure and therefore prevent your metabolism slowing. A slowing of your metabolism is common when following a calorie reduced diet so justSlim uses this zig zag method to offset this response. You will be unaware of the change but your body will benefit.

Protein Power

Protein takes longer to break down and be digested by your body, keeping hunger at bay and increasing your metabolism so that you burn more calories. Your plan will provide you with the right amount of protein to maximise the power of protein. The protein in your diet will also support the development of lean muscle tissue as you work to reshape your body through the addition of recommended exercise or activity.

Carbohydrate Control

justSlim is not a carbohydrate phobic diet, restricting the very nutrients that can provide you with valuable energy and fibre for digestion. It will instead prescribe wholemeal, fibrous options, mainly fruit and vegetables, at the right time of day to suit you and your activity level.

Good Fat

Fat is not the enemy when following your justSlim plan. Fat is indeed important to maintain healthy cells and organ function in the body. However, it’s important to eat the right type of fats, high in omega 3 and 6 and to control your intake. Your plan will prescribe the right amount of fat for you to stay healthy and still lose weight.

Macronutrient Breakdown

justSlim provides macronutrients in the proportions guaranteed to ensure you lose weight whilst staying healthy, feeling full of energy and 100 per cent satisfied.

Meal Frequency

With justSlim you eat 6 times per day (3 meals and 3 snacks). Your metabolism slows without regular meals because the body believes you have gone into starvation mode and acts to conserve calories and then to store those calories eaten at your next meal. By eating little and often you keep your metabolism high and prevent glucose and insulin plummeting and causing cravings and hunger.

‘Real’ Food

The recipes in your plan include food in the form nature delivered it. No highly processed foods that try to convince you they are an alternative for the real thing will be prescribed to you. These processed foods tend to contain emulsifiers that thicken food to give you a melt in the mouth sensation that makes you eat more. Processed foods are also likely to contain High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) to enhance sweetness. This actually converts into fat and cholesterol as well as affecting the body’s ability to use the satiation hormone, leptin, that tells your body when it is full. HFCS tastes nice and can elevate your appetite throughout the day; a disaster when you’re trying to lose weight! Your plan will contain a limited amount of processed foods to make your weight loss journey enjoyable and manageable.

‘Treat’ Meal

Your plan will allow you one treat meal or snack every week, chosen by you, at a time when you want to enjoy it. Deprivation of your favourite foods only heightens the way the brain values the food, which is why justSlim is incorporating your favourite treat into your plan in a controlled way. This will prevent your cravings and give you that little something naughty to look forward to! However, you may not even want it once you see how well your body is adapting to the plan and you see yourself closing down on your goal!


Sometimes you will mistake hunger for thirst. Your justSlim plan will guide you on how much fluid to consume each day to ensure you are always hydrated. justSlim advises having a glass of water before every meal to make you feel full and satisfied sooner.

Acid-Base Balance

The average Western diet is slightly acidic meaning the kidneys have to cope with a net acid load. A highly acidic diet can contribute, over time, to bone and muscle loss with age. Eating more alkaline foods promotes better health by retaining more calcium in your body for bone health and for anti-ageing. Your justSlim plan will ensure you receive a high number of alkaline foods, such as fruits and vegetables, to neutralise the dietary acids of the meat and seafood and to keep you healthy on your weight loss journey.

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