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The Creation of justSlim

Most people who want to lose weight try many different diets in an effort to shed their excess weight. In fact research by leading market analysts Mintel reveals that one in four adults in the UK are constantly on a diet.

Yet, despite all of this effort the majority of dieters never reach their weight loss goal.

So why is it that so many people are not able to lose weight?

That’s the question our team of experts at justSlim decided they had to find the answer to.

Our team included experts in nutrition, bio-chemistry and sports science and it even included a top former international athlete.

We carried out exhaustive research into all of the popular diet systems and looked carefully at every single element of each one.

We examined the types of foods that were included and the types of food that were excluded. We also examined all of the diet’s rules and instructions to be followed in order to fully understand how each diet was designed.

We were shocked at what we found!

What we found was that many of these popular diets were based on a very restricted diet featuring low-carb, low-fat or high protein foods and were designed primarily to produce “quick” weight loss results – but only for the first week or two.

After this initial success the vast majority of people reach a plateau and are disappointed to find that they cannot lose more weight even though they are still sticking to the diet.

This is because the body responds to the dramatic change by slowing down its metabolic system, effectively going into starvation mode. This means that the body is less efficient at burning calories and becomes very sluggish.

With the food restrictions and the general lack of energy experienced, these diets are difficult to stick to. After just a few weeks the weight loss has slowed down or stopped and most people resume their normal eating patterns. However, now that the metabolic rate has slowed down, these normal eating patterns result in them putting on even more weight.

So the search for a diet that works continues and soon the yo-yo diet pattern is established.

From our research, we  recognised that we needed to develop a solution to break this yo-yo dieting dilemma. We needed to create a diet system that would enable anybody, of any age, any body shape and activity level, to follow their plan at the touch of a button.

A plan that would not be based on restrictions and would produce weight loss results not just for a week or two but consistently and permanently.

So we created justSlim.

justSlim is based on the most effective nutritional formulas for weight loss. It includes simple, tasty recipes and has been created using sophisticated Dynamic Nutrition Technology that provides a bespoke diet plan for you, and that changes with you every step of the way.

Our mission is to make achieving your ideal body as easy and simple as possible with a program that does all the thinking and calorie counting for you. All you have to do is follow the plan specifically designed for YOU.

We want you to avoid preoccupation with food, to avoid emotional eating dilemmas and to be able to get on with your life, feeling good and feeling energised, knowing that you are never far from the guidance you need.

justSlim delivers Real Weight Loss for Real People.

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