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Your Personal Profile Assessment

Once you have signed up, follow the set up process which will assess your body statistics, activity level, food likes and dislikes, intolerances, special dietary requirements and your weight loss goals to create the perfect plan for you. You can change your profile information at any time and your plan will adapt to keep you working towards your goal.

Your Personal, Tailor Made Online Diet Plan

Once you have completed the set up stage you can access the Member’s Area and follow your personal plan at anytime, anywhere by logging onto your account. You will be given precise detail of what to eat and when. Recipes can be tailored to feed any number of people and recipes can be swapped to suit your requirements precisely.

Your Plan Manager

When you launch your justSlim App. from your Member’s Area, you will arrive at the central dashboard. This dashboard is your plan manager allowing you to navigate to any part of your plan, whether you want to access your breakfast menu, check your weight loss progress or read your personal motivation messages from justSlim. This central hub makes using your justSlim plan simple and easy.

Your Shopping List Generator

You can create a shopping list for any number of days or weeks of your plan that will include all the foods and ingredients needed to ensure you can create all of your recipes and eat the correct snacks prescribed for you.

Your Alerts

You will receive alerts in your personal plan account and at your request, to your email on your computer or mobile phone. You can be alerted to update your profile, to inform you of your progress towards your goal, to update your body statistics or simply to motivate you to stay on track.

Your Results Tracker Facility

Update your profile information and your progress will be displayed in graph format to show you how far you have progressed and how close you are to achieving your weight loss or other goal.

Your Food Database

Educate yourself by discovering the nutritional content of hundreds of foods at the click of a button.

Your justSlim Community

When you join justSlim you receive membership to the justSlim Community where you will receive 24/7 support from the justSlim team as well as from lots of other members on the same weight loss journey who understand and are there for you.

Never feel alone as justSlim guides you to lose weight and keep it off, for good.

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The Latest News

Find out what’s hot and what’s not with information on supplements, health foods, exercise trends and equipment as well as the latest justSlim additions and developments.

The Latest Recipes

Be the first to try the latest seasonal recipes created by the justSlim team.

Top Tips, Feature Articles and Videos from the justSlim Team

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