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Michelle Scotland, 40

Michelle was really struggling to lose the weight she had gained since having her two boys and had tried lots of diets that simply didn’t deliver results.

But after only five weeks on the justSlim plan, Michelle has lost 1 stone and this is what she had to say about her transformation:

"The old Michelle felt frumpy, overweight unable to be glamorous. I didn’t buy anything sparkly and if I did it just went straight on a hanger and stayed at the back of the wardrobe.

But the new Michelle has taken all the things out of the back of the wardrobe and is now wearing them all.

justSlim has changed my life. I feel more confident, more glamorous, able to go into shops that I would never even have considered before."

Gill McDonald, 51

Gill has lost an amazing 1 stone 5 lbs on justSlim in only eight weeks and it has totally turned her life around.

"Before, I was a sluggish '50 something', hated how I looked in all my clothes, hated shopping as it meant facing the changing-room mirror and the truth it screamed.

After being on the justSlim plan for eight weeks I feel amazing and I’ve lost a stone and a half. When my friends ask me how I've managed it, I just explain that the plan really, really works you're never hungry, you eat all the time and it does everything for you.

My whole life is transformed and I would recommend it to absolutely anybody."

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Michelle Heaven, 40

Yo-yo dieter Michelle was becoming increasingly unhappy with her weight and how she looked.

"I've hit 40 and have four children, and am finding it much harder to keep weight off."

In just eight weeks Michelle lost 1 stone 2 lbs and as a bonus she found that her health problems improved dramatically:

"After losing over a stone on the justSlim plan I feel great, I feel sexy, energised, and I know I can reach my goals. justSlim has changed my life. If I had to score it from 1 to 10 it would be 11!"

Natalie Kisson, 40

Reaching her milestone 40th birthday and feeling fat and unhealthy galvanised Natalie into action. justSlim gave her this support and motivation and after a few short weeks she enthused:

"justSlim has given me a whole new chapter in my life - this kickstart has changed my life completely. I love the way it's not a DIET but a healthy plan that I enjoy.

The justSlim plan enables you to have treat days – mine was chocolate and it was great. You're not restricted to lettuce and tomatoes – it's brilliant. Treat days you need them; chocolate was the way for me and I love it, love chocolate"

After eight weeks on the plan Natalie lost an incredible 1 stone 5 lbs which on her 4' 11" frame was a major transformation and has given her the confidence to achieve her goals and live her life to the full once more.


Pam Walker, 44

A hectic lifestyle, juggling family life with work commitments, resulted in Pam finding that her weight had crept upwards whilst her energy levels and confidence had gone down.

Pam had tried a number of diets over the years but with these she felt isolated and alone as well as frustrated with the limited food choices and the way she was forced to eat certain foods.

But with justSlim she was able to reach her goals in just eight weeks.

"I'm back to the size I want to be, a lot lighter, a lot more energetic - it has been a lifestyle change for the better."

Sarah Walker, 19

Sarah joined her mum Pam on the justSlim plan and she also achieved amazing success.

With the demands of her university course, she had very limited time to devote to planning and preparing meals, so it was critical to have a no-fuss solution. She found it with justSlim.

"The justSlim technology really made everything so hassle free, you didn’t have to worry about counting calories and making sure you were eating the right thing. It worked out everything for you and you just got on with what you knew was right for you."

After eight weeks using justSlim Sarah lost an incredible 1 stone 8 lbs and has completely turned her life around.

"I just want everyone to know about it and how good you can feel with it."


Demi Heaven, 17

Having struggled with her weight for a number of years, Demi realised that she needed to take action after seeing unflattering photographs of herself in a bikini on holiday.

"I used to think that I used to look fine but after seeing photos of myself on holiday I realised that I really wasn't and I needed to do something about it.”

She is thrilled with her results and is at last beginning to enjoy life to the max with her new found confidence:

"After using justSlim I can go into a shop and buy clothes that I feel really good in – I just feel so much better in myself."

Nicola Boston, 25

Nicola has struggled with her weight since having her two children and suffering from coeliac disease has made it even more difficult for her to lose weight.

To her delight she lost 10 lbs using justSlim over the first eight weeks and she admits that during that time she had a particularly hectic social life with a number of family weddings and parties to attend.

"The justSlim plan fitted in perfectly with my lifestyle and my children enjoy eating the food and I just love it."

She now feels confident of reaching her target weight well ahead of her wedding day next year and recommends justSlim to all of her friends.

"From my personal view justSlim is perfect."


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